by Ritvik Varghese

How we built products on Gen Z trends

Client: Self-Initiated in 2023

Products: Venti and Weekly App

Our aim:

Building products by observing Gen Z behavior.  

Gen Z trend 1: photo dumping + private networks

Every generation is shaped by its own rebellion against the generation before it. While millennials carefully curate their social media with picture-perfect posts, Gen Z believes in authenticity and realness.

Enter, the photo dumping:

Instagram photo dumps arrived as an answer to the overly manicured, influencer-led aesthetics.

photo dumps are a private collection of low-effort photos/videos that convey a story or mood shared with only a selected group of friends.

Our Unique insight: A way to create weekly private dumps and share it with friends without all the instagram noise.

Introducing Weekly:

Stay in touch with friends by sharing a weekly dump.

To put our insight into action, we built an app that helps Gen Z curate photo dumps and share them privately with friends.

In their dumps, Gen Z also includes photos of music they listened to, runs they went on, places they visited, etc.

Knowing this, we integrated with apps like Spotify, Strava, and Apple Health so that users could automatically share experiences.

Gen Z Trend 2: affordable mental care and anonymity

Gen Z is considered to be the loneliness generation of all time. Mental issues are on the rise and Gen Z experience it as young as 14 years old.

Therapy still remains one of the key ways to improve your mental health but faces many challenges in India:

  1. The Stigma around therapy
  2. It is expensive and considered a luxury
  3. There is an excess demand over supply for therapy.

Another thing we noticed was the growing love for anonymity from Gen Z. This was a key reason for their presence on platforms like Reddit and Discord.

Unique insight 1: If therapy was one to many, it will affortable and we would be able to sell it.
Unique insight 2: There was an opportunity if people shared anonymously in a group therapy setting.

Introducing Venti:

Anonymous group therapy with mental health experts.

We created a platform where you could rant anonymously through voice notes and people would support you with voice replies.

Users could also join paid group therapy sessions on specific topics like bullying, career issues, breakups, and more therapists.

Group therapy sessions would have 25-50 speakers who could vent with or without their identity being revealed.

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