by Ritvik Varghese

Turning our early users into product co-creators

Super fans are early adopters who help you gain product insights and promote word of mouth.
Super fans are early adopters who help you gain product insights and promote word of mouth.

Client: Self-Initiated in 2023

Product: Social app to build healthy habits by staking money with friends.


Play-testing the app with potential users to gain product insights, and feedback and improve user experience before public launch.


The app helped users build habits by betting on themselves:

  1. Users would join games like working out or reading daily and stake money.
  2. All the money would be added to a prize pool.
  3. All users who complete the game split the prize pool.

Before a public launch, we wanted to build a way to supercharge our product development and growth.

Unique Approach: Leveraging a Super Fan Community

Our secret ingredient of innovation was our Super Fan Community - A group of vetted, high-need early users who would c0-build the app with us.


Nurturing user behavior before launch:

We recreated the game experience on WhatsApp for users. The aim was to train their behavior and get them used to how the app works:

Pre-buzz and 1st 1000 users:

Developing curiosity by sharing product elements with a call to action to be one of our 1st 1000 users.

Creating a vetted community:

We created a 'First 1,000' community - a user council of our 1,000 biggest fans all acquired organically. This helped us create a channel of constant input:


We were able to reach 1,400 users on day 1 of the launch with ₹0 spent on growth. The app reached No. 81 for the top apps in lifestyle in India on launch day.

We constantly had features and bugs to work on. Our super fans helped us prioritize and create a roadmap.

Work with us:

We help brands build community/customer-led growth channels. We also help brands with their GenZ GTM and Research.

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